External Wall Insulation

What is EWI?

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is an efficient energy-saving measure which can drastically reduce energy use in the home. It involves applying the insulation material to the external walls of a building before covering it with a range of attractive, individually tailored finishes such as plaster-work, render, pebble dash or paneled/tiled cladding.

Benefits of EWI

Installing EWI is an excellent way to improve both the exterior finish of your property and potentially increase it’s value. Additionally, EWI can provide up to £400 savings annually on energy bills. This makes it a great investment aesthetically and financially.

Is EWI suitable for my home?

External wall insulation is particularly effective on traditionally more difficult-to-heat solid wall properties. The insulation works by creating a thermal barrier between the exterior and interior of the home, helping to maintain a consistent temperature throughout. This method of insulating can be applied to all wall types providing benefits and options to all homeowners.

How much will it cost?

The price of EWI is dependent on the size of your property. There are government funding schemes which may be able to assist with the cost. Check your eligibility using the below link.