Local Authority Schemes

At Southwest Energy Referrals, we regularly review and secure ECO funding, services, and grants to guarantee a suitable solution for you and your
property in the South West.

Our independent energy-saving organisation works with fully accredited Retrofit Assessors and Installers to provide you with the best energy
efficiency solutions.

For those looking for a greener option to upgrade their home – we also provide paid Solar which we would be happy to prepare a quote for.

Heating Grants

Check if you are eligible for a free heating upgrade through one of the available
funding streams.

Insulation Grants

Uninsulated loft space can lead to the loss of a lot of heat. You may be eligible for
insulation grants in the case that have little or no loft insulation.

ECO Funding

We provide funding through ECO4 and Local Authority Schemes.

Reach out to our experts to learn more about our eco-funding services.