Air Source Heat Pumps

What is an ASHP?

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are an energy efficiency measure that can significantly reduce your heating costs. Using outside air as it’s heating source an ASHP can provide heat at temperatures as low as -10°C, far lower than most gas boilers are capable of. Depending on the type installed, ASHPs can be used to heat both your home and water supply efficiently. In contrast to other conventional heating systems, ASHPs require far less energy to operate. Installation of an ASHP can effectively save you money on heating costs whilst also providing a reliable heat source for your home.

Types of ASHP

There are two distinct types of ASHPs: Air-to-Water and Air-to-Air. Air-to-Water ASHPs work by taking heat from the outside and transferring it into the home using water pipes and radiators. Air-to-air ASHPs produce warm air which is then circulated around your home by a network of fans. However, all ASHPs reduce the energy needed to heat your home, ensuring that you are doing your bit for the environment whilst saving yourself some money.

What will it cost me?

The cost of installing an ASHP is dependent on the size of your dwelling. Whilst ASHPs may be a costly initial investment, you can save upwards of £1,000 on energy bills. To make the installation of an ASHP more accessible you could be eligible for ECO4 or Government lead funding to contribute to or cover the cost. We can check if you meet the eligibility criteria.

This is a great way to access green energy solutions and reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your energy bills in check.