Energy Efficiency Solutions in the south west

At Southwest Energy Referrals, we make your home energy efficient as
possible, by providing free heating upgrades and insulation solutions through ECO funding. Our solutions to energy efficiency are all unique
and considered the most advanced in the region. Our experts will work on
providing you with the most optimal solutions to slashing your energy bills.

Free Heating

Check if you are eligible for a free heating upgrade.

Free Insulation

Uninsulated lofts lead to a lot of lost heat. If you have little or no loft insulation you may be eligible to free insulation.

Eco Funding

We provide grant funding
towards most energy
efficiency Measures, including: Heating Systems, Loft & Wall Insulation and Solar PV.

Paid Solar Services

If you are interested in a quote for paid solar panels please enquire today.

How our Process Works


The first step involves filling out some details for us to check if you are eligible for ECO funding.


We give you a call to discuss your eligibility, explain the process and book in your Retrofit Survey.


A surveyor will pay you a to your home visit to complete a survey and discuss the measures you’re eligible for with you.


You can now relax while we complete the necessary forms and arrange a convenient date to install your Energy Efficiency Measures.

Reach out to our experts to benefit from our energy efficiency solutions!